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We’re dedicated to providing your business with highly skilled professionals well-matched to your unique hiring requirements and workplace environment.

Whether you’re looking to staff accounting and finance, technology, administrative, legal, or creative and marketing jobs, we can help you find the right fit for your team.


From last-minute fill-ins to long-term staff, we provide temporary employees with the skills and experience you require. Whether you are looking to extend your team’s resources or free key personnel to focus on more critical tasks, Quality Services can supply temporary workers for:

•Market cycles

•Leaves of absence

•Seasonal support

•Short and long-term project


Make your next hire with confidence. With our temp-to-hire services, you can try out a new employee on the job before committing to a full-time hiring decision. During the trial period, the new employee works as an Alternative Employment temporary employee, and at the end of the assignment, if you like the person, you can convert that individual to your staff at no additional cost. We also handle all unemployment, workman’s compensation, and employer taxes, freeing you to focus on your business and keeping your paperwork to a minimum.


Shorten your search for top talent. Quality Services will take 100% responsibility for finding the candidates you want to hire. And you don’t pay us anything until you hire a candidate we refer. As your recruiting partner, we will manage all aspects of the hiring process, including:

•Developing the job description

•Profiling your ideal candidate

•Creating a sourcing strategy

•Recruiting candidates

•Completing telephone screens and in-person interviews

•Completing background screening

•Development and presentation of job offers

Better talent. Faster hires.

Quality service gets you the workers you need to fortify your workforce during peak season or get shifts covered. Technology automates this process, saving time and money. Our purpose is to provide the best service possible. To do this, we strive for perfection in every aspect. We are committed to developing, with respect to every individual, each employee to the highest level of performance. We study, train, and work not only to serve our clients but to serve each other. Understanding that if we help each other to improve, we have already improved ourselves.

When you need to hire, whether it’s for a temporary opening or a full-time addition to your team, you want the right candidate, fast.

Quality Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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