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Parking Lot Clean-Up

We want to be sure your business impresses customers from the moment they enter the parking lot. We will enhance the appearance of your parking lot by eliminating trash and debris. Our experts will help you determine the best way to meet your cleaning needs, and we'll adjust that plan as your business requires.

Parking Lot Sweeping Includes:

Hand Blowing Walkways & Inaccessible Areas

Empty & Re-Line Trash Cans

Hand Pick Flower Planters

Clean grassy Area's

Haul Off Large Debris (extra fee)

Vacuum Sweep Parking Lot

How Can Quality Services Parking Lot Clean-Up Service Help You?

Quality Services creates customized, strategic cleaning plans that are designed to fit your needs. Our parking lot cleaning services include hand-blowing sidewalks and inaccessible areas, emptying and relining trashcans, handpicking planters and surrounding areas, and bulk item removal. Based on your specific needs, we can offer other personalized services as well. Whether it is a shopping mall, strip center, apartment building, healthcare facility, educational institution, or any other building, we will help protect your business’s image by getting your parking lot in excellent condition. 

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