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Signs You Need to Disinfect Your Mattress

• You haven’t cleaned it in a few months: Your mattress needs to be cleaned every few months to keep it fresh.

• You’re allergic to sleeping: Dust buildup can aggravate allergies and cause you to suffer at night. If you feel allergy symptoms more often in bed or as you wake up, it’s probably time to clean up the dust.

• You’ve noticed bugs or strange bites: Bed bug infestations may not always be obvious, especially in the early stages. But you can look for signs, including seeing the bugs, noticing microscopic blood stains or insect waste spots, or unusual bites on your body.

• Your mattress has an odor: Mattresses can smell from dust and skin buildup, or have an odor from bodily fluids, even mold. Odors on your mattress can be gross and disruptive for sleeping and even point to a sign of a bigger problem you need to address.

10 Reasons to call Quality Services for a Mattress Sanitation Service 

When to Replace Your Mattress Instead of Cleaning

For stains, spot cleaning, odors, even bed bugs, and dust mites, it’s usually best to simply clean your mattress rather than replace it. After all, mattresses can be expensive to replace, and there are many ways to clean them effectively. But there are situations when it’s just not worth it to save a mattress that’s beyond help — or even a health hazard.

Service Prices

Service starting at $5 per mattress

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