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What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing is high-pressure water spray that is uniquely able to clean large surfaces, effectively removing dirt, dust, mud, grime, stains, salt, mold and even chewing gum. As a result, pressure washing is perfect for many cleaning needs:

•Exterior facades of buildings, both residential and commercial

•Sidewalks, stairways, walkways, patios, and driveways

•Public spaces like stadiums, open air plazas, and parking garages

•Cinemas with all their popcorn and soda stuck to the seats and grounds

•Vehicles of all types, including cars, buses, trucks, and boats

Pressure washing is an effective way to revive the look of your building at a low price. Both private homeowners to company buildings can benefit from our pressure washing service.

Billboard Cleaning

We remove accumulated dirt and grime, giving your advertising a clean, appealing look.

Building Exterior Washing

We use low pressure with detergent to remove dirt and mildew, leaving your exterior clean. Untreated mildew damages the surfaces it lives on, leading to expensive repair or replacement. Preventing that saves you money.

Building Interior Washing

We remove stains, dirt, oil, and cobwebs, leaving a fresh, professional appearance.

Sidewalk Washing and Gum Removal

We clean off dirt, stains, and gum, leaving your sidewalks as clean as new.

Warehouse and Shop Floor Cleaning

We remove stains, oil, and slippery spots, creating a safer work environment for you.

Dumpster Pad Washing

We remove oil and grease spills and built-up grime, enhancing your business appearance.

Loading Dock Cleaning 

We remove dirt, grime, and accumulated debris, leaving a safer work area for the people working there.

 Rust Stain Removal

We can remove rust stains from masonry and vinyl surfaces, giving them a clean, attractive appearance.

Fuel Station Cleaning

We clean spills, stains, and dirt from concrete, pumps, and overhangs, making your station more attractive to customers.

Graffiti Removal

We gently remove spray paint, restoring a clean, undamaged surface.

Parking Garage Washing

We remove grease, gum, oil stains and dirt, to present a pleasant appearance for your customers.

Awning Cleaning

We will clean your awnings, so they look tidy and attractive.

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