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Better Quality, Better Service, Quality Service 


Our Services

Janitorial Services


Quality Services provide 100% customized Janitorial Services for any type of facility of any size. From a small local office to government facilities, multi-location medical facilities to shopping centers, we cater to your budget and specific needs. 

Construction Clean- Up


 Quality Services offers customized post-construction cleanup options to fit any type and size of project. Quality Services will work with you on-site to put together a free, no-obligation proposal at your convenience and work around your schedule. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation walk through!

Antimicrobial Coating


Quality Services Antimicrobial Coating is a cost effective way to kill the Norovirus and many other viruses, bacteria, and fungus on contact. It continues to kill any new germs, bacteria and fungus for 60 days, leaving a clean and safe working environment.

Mitigation Services


When a disaster damages your home or business, you need immediate support from experts like Quality Services. Did you experience a fire in your home? Has severe weather or a broken appliance caused flooding or excess water? Do you suspect there’s mold growing where you can’t see it?

Quality Services can fix it !

Mattress Sanitation


Having your mattress cleaned is even more important than having the carpets and upholstery in your home cleaned. You may believe that a mattress doesn’t need cleaning unless there’s a spill or accident, but the truth is that it requires more regular cleaning because of how often you use it.


Window Cleaning 


From low to high rise structures, we invest in top of the line equipment and a well-trained, thoroughly professional, company employed staff who will work with you to completely fulfill our agreement until you are 100% satisfied.

Pressure Washing 


Pressure washing is high-pressure water spray that is uniquely able to clean large surfaces, effectively removing dirt, dust, mud, grime, stains, salt, mold and even chewing gum. As a result, pressure washing is perfect for many cleaning needs.

Lawn Care 


Your large-scale commercial lawn says a lot about your business, and Quality Services  can help make sure you're sending the right message to your visitors. As a local New Orleans operator, we know all about the common problems commercial lawns can face in this area and have developed custom solutions for even the most difficult of challenges.

Parking Lot Clean -Up


Quality Services want to be sure your business impresses customers from the moment they enter the parking lot. We will enhance the appearance of your parking lot by eliminating trash and debris. Our experts will help you determine the best way to meet your cleaning needs and we'll adjust that plan as your business requires. 

Since 1984, our motto has remained Better Quality, Better Service, Quality Service. We’re able to provide a variety of services for practically any type of facility. Some common locations we service include:

 Small, Medium, Large Offices

Corporate Offices

Schools & Universities

Churches & Religious Centers


Post-Construction Sites


Industrial Kitchens

Post Offices

Retail Stores

Casinos & Entertainment Centers

Sports Facilities

Emergency rooms & medical offices

Government & Military Facilities


Banks & Financial Institutions


Transportation Companies

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